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diverst from fossil fuels!... invest in reneweables!...

We are a non-violent student’s movement seeking and promising to engage and build a student community-based critical mass to put an end to fossil fuels and their implications through civil disobedience



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organising to end the EACOP project!...

EACOP is a cross-border pipeline. The project is said to cause serious impacts for communities within the oil extraction and pipeline areas including...

1. environmental degradation ie EACOP is projected to emit 34million tones of Carbon dioxide annually...

2. social and human rights issues which include, 18 000 people are affected some have had their homes destroyed to facilitate the construction of access roads or the processing plant, others have had all or part of their land requisitioned and have lost the free use of their properties and thus their means of subsistence, without prior payment of fair and adequate compensation

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    our optimistic members & volunteers


    ntambazi imuran java

    student movvement organiser, environmentalist, human rights activist and an ex-prisoner EACOP


    abdul twaibu

    social movements organiser, human rrights activist, climate activist , environmental scientist and ex-prisoner EACOP


    waswa alex lyazi

    human rights activist, climate activist and ex-prisoner STOPEACOP